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Banner Finishing Options

  • Finish Image - hems and eyelets

    Hems and Eyelets

    This is the most common finish we provide. It allows for easy securing of the banner, as well as providing reinforcement around the edges. This finish allows for various methods of fixing to a desired location.

  • Finish Image - pole pockets

    Pole Pockets

    A pocket is added to the edges you require to allow a pole to pass through and support/tension the banner.
    The diameter of the pocket can be specified by you, however if you let us know the diameter of the object to go into the pole pocket we can calculate the size of the pocket for you.

  • Finish Image - trimmed with eyelets

    Trimmed to Size

    Banners will be cut to the size ordered.

Standard finishes are Free of charge

Our banners are priced with standard finishing included, we do not charge for any of the finishes you see here. If you are unsre of what is best for your project then please contact us.